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Notable Speakers:
Mari Smith
Social Media Thought Leader
Michael Gelb
Founder & President of High Performance Learning and The Academy for Creativity & Innovation Leadership
Erica Ariel Fox
NY Times Bestselling Author, Senior Advisor to Fortune 500 Companies, Public Sector Consultant
Tim Kelley
Global Change Agent & Author of 'True Purpose'
Marcia Wieder
Founder, The Meaning Institute
David Hassell
CEO at 15Five, Co-Founder & Facilitator at Strategy Day, Advisor at Kite Adventures
Ray Blanchard
Owner of Blanchard Consulting Group, Co-Founder of Spectrum Life Design, Trainer, Corporate Consultant
Stacey Lawson
President & CEO, Ygrene Energy Fund
Sharla Jacobs
Award-Winning Million Dollar Mentor
George Kao
Authentic Livelihood Coach
Lisa Garr
Radio and TV Talk Show Host, Motivational Speaker, Conscious Content Creator and Visionary
Christine Hassler
Author, Speaker, Life Coach
Sage Lavine
Sage Lavine, MA, CLC
Mark Silver
Founder of Heart of Business, Coach, Consultant, Designated Master Teacher in Sufi Lineage
Vrinda Normand
The Irresistible Marketing Mentor
Gabriel Nossovitch
Chairman of the Board and the Director of Training for WorldWorks ChileWorks and Mexico
Bill Baren
President and CEO of Bill Baren Coaching
Doron Libshtein
Mentor, Author, Speaker, and Strategic Entrepreneur
Joan Blades
Co-founder of MoveOn.org, MomsRising.org, GreatWorkCultures.org and LivingRoomConversations.org
Benay Dara-Abrams, PhD
Lead Link and Co-Founder of Great Work Cultures
Ayman Sawaf
Visionary Entrepreneur and Best-Selling Author
With Special Guest: Arianna Huffington
Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post Media Group, Nationally Syndicated Columnist & Author

Do you want to build a thriving business that leaves a legacy of good for decades to come?

Are you excited about growing a triple bottom line business with strong, stable profits, while focusing on authentic care and concern for your customers, employees – and the world?

Do you feel the calling of a higher purpose coming through you and your business?

Leave behind “business as usual”
and step onto the leading edge.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, the experts in the Enlightened Business Summit will give you the insights you need to foster a truly enlightened business with a passionate team, solid profits and positive impact.

These top business leaders and teachers will help you make the shift:

An Untapped Market Is Waiting for You!

The great news is that when you make this shift, you also become the kind of business that appeals to the vast (and growing) Cultural Creatives’ market.

These highly conscious, caring, ingenious people are actively seeking new paradigm businesses, where the bottom line includes far more than just profits: employee well-being, sustainability, positive social impact, and many other factors.

And when they learn that you share their values, you earn their business.

The Cultural Creative market is valued at over $300 billion, and growing rapidly. Rather than looking for the best deal, they will go out of their way to find the best match for what they believe in.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or own a business with many employees, if you want to tap into this market, you need to know how the business landscape is evolving and how to navigate through that changing landscape.

The Enlightened Business Summit is Your Ticket to Success...

...in forging loyalty with conscious customers and employees.

You’ll learn from some of the most successful conscious business people on the planet!

They’ll share the successful strategies, tactics and practical tools they have used to create thriving businesses that embrace a new paradigm.

You’ll be inspired by their success stories.

You’ll hear about some of the mistakes they’ve made along the way, so that YOU don’t have to learn the hard way.

You’ll gain practical marketing techniques to help you communicate your mission, convey authenticity – and build solid, long-term relationships with your customers and prospects.

You’ll discover how they have created self-actualized employees and high-performance teams.

You’ll learn how to be super efficient in a way that is balanced and sustainable.

Turn Challenges into Opportunities to
Grow and Thrive

We’ve encouraged these experts to be real and authentic in sharing their difficulties and growing edges.

They address many of the challenges faced when starting and growing a conscious business. With their expert guidance and mentoring you’ll learn how to turn those challenges into golden opportunities that allow you to create a thriving business that contributes to our thriving world!

Here are just some of the ways the Enlightened Business Summit will help you and your business thrive:

  • Learn to motivate your employees (and yourself), using cutting-edge techniques and transformative practices that tap into the deeper driving forces.
  • Break out of manipulation-based marketing, and create relationship-driven strategies that really work.
  • Discover how to use triple bottom line accounting in ways that actually increase your profits, while also serving the world.
  • Learn practical leadership skills that will help you grow as a person while you grow your business.
  • Learn how to manage your brand image in a hyper-connected world where secrets don’t always stay secret.
  • Discover ways to create a self-actualized business environment, where your employees (and you) want to give their all and do their best.
  • Gain practical skills to consciously leverage the viral potential of social media for relationship-building and marketing.
  • Get the secrets to finding and developing relationships with powerful partners who can multiply your business.

Be Mentored by Top Business Leaders

The world-renowned business leaders in the Enlightened Business Summit share key insights about their personal and professional evolution (including the mistakes!) – and you’ll get an inside view of how they turned their biggest challenges in business and life into their greatest assets.

You’ll also receive loads of specific, practical, hands-on strategies that will help you conduct business in more engaging and inspiring ways – to help you succeed – consciously and with integrity.

If you work one-on-one with clients, you’ll get the tools you need to get clients and make more money, while also making a huge difference. And if you have a larger business, you’ll receive insights on creating environments that top talent and your ideal partners will naturally gravitate toward.

No matter what your business size or arena, you’ll learn exactly how to communicate your mission powerfully and authentically to make sales – without feeling sleazy – and gain real world tools for bringing your values alive through your work.

With expert mentors and teachers like those in this summit, you’re going to walk away from these sessions with the proven strategies, tactics and practices you need to create amazing success that truly embraces a new paradigm – and positions you as a business leader for change in the world.

If you’re serious about building a conscious business that thrives financially, serves the people it touches and has a positive impact, join The Enlightened Business Summit!

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